The meeting of the Board of Directors was held at 845 Third Avenue, Suite 1300, New York, New York 10022 on 29 September 2004 at 6:00 PM. Marco Scoffier, President of the Board of Directors, called the meeting to order.

The following were present:

Marco Scoffier
Stephen Lynch
Joe Maffia
Dave Williams

being a quorum of the Directors of the Corporation.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the previous Board meeting. The minutes were read, and on a motion duly made, seconded and carried the Directors approved the minutes.

The Secretary discussed the progress of the organization's applications and filings. He described attempts at contacting members of the legal community for their assistance and recommendations, which to date have not had any results.

The Treasurer presented a draft of the proposed three-year budget and attached assumptions. These include hiring teachers in the next fiscal year and finding a location for storage and potential office space somewhere in the city. The budget was reviewed for the purpose of balancing the current fiscal year entries.

The Chairman of the Programs Committee explained that Americorps was not able to provide students for the October workshop. High-school aged participants from the Grand Street Fellowship have been recruited, and the workshop will have its first session on Tuesday, October 12. The Chairman suggested that the group can still schedule activities at Asian Americans for Equality's community center, and recommended scheduling meetings in the next week to develop and refine course materials.

The Secretary moved to approve and adopt the revised Bylaws, so that the organizational structure will be clearly defined when submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried unanimously, it was

RESOLVED that the revised and amended Bylaws be officially adopted.

Marco Scoffier inquired about the expenses involved in filing the IRS application form 1023. The Treasurer explained that his estimate of the current year's legal expenses included the cost of retaining counsel to review and submit the documents. Marco Scoffier suggested that the costs may not outweigh the potential expense of resubmitting a rejected application. The consensus was that the group should prepare to submit the application directly.

Stephen Lynch observed that the New York Department of State has an incorrect listing of the group's contact information. The Secretary agreed to correct this situation.

Stephen Lynch pointed out that the group should apply for a servicemark, not a trademark. He volunteered to research and complete the application.

Dave Williams brought up the issue of recruiting more Board members. He introduced the Board to his guest, Kevin Mark. Dave Williams discussed Kevin Mark's interest in the organization, and Kevin Mark described his background and potential contributions to the group. A motion to elect Kevin Mark to the Board of Directors was made, seconded and carried, and upon unanimous vote it was

RESOLVED that Kevin I. Mark is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Community Free Software Group.

Dave Williams asked if anyone noticed a mailer from the City of New York describing its computer recycling services. He distributed a copy of the mailer and volunteered to contact the agency responsible for listing eligible organizations to determine the criteria for participation.

The Treasurer presented the resolution to set up an operating account with Signature Bank. The Treasurer moved to adopt the resultion, and the motion was seconded and carried. Upon unanimous vote it was

RESOLVED that the Treasurer will open an account on behalf of the organization at Signature Bank.

There being no further business before the meeting, the President moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded, carried, and the meeting was adjourned.