The meeting of the Board of Directors was held at 35 Claver Place #8, Brooklyn, New York, 11238 on 16 July 2005 at 1:30 PM. Marco Scoffier, President of the Board of Directors, called the meeting to order.

The following were present:

Marco Scoffier
Selso DaSilva
Stephen Lynch
Kevin Mark
Joe Maffia
Dave Williams

being a quorum of the Directors of the Corporation.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the previous Board meeting. The minutes were read, and on a motion duly made, seconded and carried the Directors approved the minutes.

The Treasurer reported on the organization's current finances. Due to time and resource constraints, the Treasurer recommended creating an accounting system using the GnuCash application instead of SQL Ledger, and discussed implementation plans. The Treasurer then explained that the current arrangements for receiving communications from the organization's bank was inadequate for his reporting requirements. In the interest of expediency, he requested a motion to use his business address instead. The motion was duly made and seconded, and upon unanimous approval it was

RESOLVED that the mailing address for receiving correspondence from Signature Bank be changed to:

Community Free Software Group
c/o Joseph A. Maffia
Janover Rubinroit, LLC
845 Third Avenue, Suite 1300
New York, NY 10022

The Secretary reminded the Board that any initial decision from the Internal Revenue Service regarding the organization's 501(c)(3) application should be received by August 8. The Secretary discussed the remaining applications to be filed, including the New York State forms CT-247 and CHAR410, and inquired about the status of the servicemark application. Stephen Lynch replied that he was in the process of creating a brochure and other documents, to serve as practical samples of the organizational emblem when submitting the form. Joe Maffia requested that the New York State Application for Exemption be submitted as soon as possible, while the Board can dedicate sufficient time and resources toward its completion.

The Secretary announced the results of the annual election of officers of the Board of Directors. All officers for the year beginning July 2005 were approved unanimously, with Stephen J. Lynch elected as the new President. A motion was made to certify the results of the elections and upon unanimous approval it was

RESOLVED that the results of the 2005 Election of Officers of the Board of Directors of the Community Free Software Group be accepted and all officers begin their terms effective June 28, 2005.

Selso DaSilva reported that arrangements were being made to host a workshop on 3D Animation at the Asian Americans For Equality Community Center. Two sessions would take place each week for four weeks, tentatively on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:00 PM. Ideally the workshop would begin as soon as possible, pending the registration of at least twelve participants.

Stephen Lynch recommended that CFSG arrange for another installment of the PC Garage, and he has accumulated sufficient recycled equipment for at least two future sessions. Possible sources of monitor donations were discussed, along with potential locations and schedules. Stephen Lynch mentioned a possible donation of notebook computers from Seward Park High School, as well as the opportunity for CFSG to participate in an after-school program hosted by Seward Park's New Design High School. Joe Maffia suggested a similar possibility through P.S.87.

Kevin Mark attended several recent Free Software events, and recommended a collaborative project with the members of Debian Woman. He suggested participating in events sponsored by NYCARES, and Stephen Lynch described attending the recent Penguin Day gathering. Stephen Lynch also reported on potential additions to the Board of Directors, and Selso DaSilva asked about commercial sponsorship of CFSG workshops through equipment donations.

Marco Scoffier presented the Annual Report of the President of the Board of Directors, and congratulated Stephen Lynch on his election. There being no further business before the meeting, the President moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded, carried, and the meeting was adjourned.