The meeting of the Board of Directors was held at 845 Third Avenue, Suite 1300, New York, New York 10022 on 12 January 2006 at 6:30 PM. Stephen Lynch, President of the Board of Directors, called the meeting to order.

The following were present:

Stephen Lynch
Selso DaSilva
Kevin Mark
Joe Maffia
Dave Williams

being a quorum of the Directors of the Corporation.

The Secretary presented the minutes of the previous Board meeting. The minutes were read, and on a motion duly made, seconded and carried the Directors approved the minutes.

The Treasurer reported on the organization's current finances, and provided reports for the previous year's activities with a final balance statement. The Treasurer observed that the majority of contributions were “pass-through”, with income applied directly toward equipment and fees. The Directors were asked to fulfill their financial commitments from the previous fiscal year in addition to pledging donations for the current year. The Treasurer expressed a desire to reverse his previous request for the GnuCash application as the organization's financial recording system. He concluded that SQL-Ledger is more suitable to the Group's needs, and requested a system be created to host the application.

The Secretary informed the Board of the approval of the Community Free Software Group's application for recognition of Section 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Service Code. He then outlined the remaining documentation, including applications for State Sales and Use Tax exemption and registration with the New York State Attorney General's Office as a charitable organization. The Secretary presented a draft copy of the New York State Application for Exemption from Corporate Franchise Taxes, and suggested correspondence suitable for donation acknowledgment. Stephen Lynch recommended accepting donations through the organization's Internet site by participating in the “Network for Good” system.

Selso DaSilva discussed the conclusion of the Asian Americans for Equality 3D Animation workshop, and the possibility teaching another section. He explained that the Community Technology Center Coordinator at AAFE received funding for three additional programs, which could include both a second 3D Workshop and another installment of the PC Garage. Stephen Lynch pointed out that these programs would begin in the second week of February, and the Board agreed to pursue this opportunity. Kevin Mark recommended updating the hardware inventory in advance of the next PC Garage, so that additional items can be procured and tested as necessary.

Dave Williams asked about any conclusions regarding the workshop, both in terms of results and potential improvements. Kevin Mark expressed concern over the long-term sustainability of these programs without adequate documentation or metrics. Dave Williams repeated his recommendation that the Board expand to include someone with a background in education, to assist in providing formal methods for designing these workshops and other educational programs.

Selso DaSilva requested the Board formally adopt a promotional brochure and a general program proposal document, to prepare for future distribution. He mentioned a potential project assisting the Spring Creek non-profit residential organization in developing technology-based services for their constituents. Dave Williams recommended increased participation in document development, and more collaboration toward addressing prospective opportunities. He suggested that any initial grant-seeking efforts focus on funding the organization's operational expenses.

There being no further business before the meeting, the President moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded, carried, and the meeting was adjourned.