At the end of our seventh year of operation, the Community Free Software Group is at a crossroads.

To one side is dissolution—the orderly, proscribed process of dissolving the organization and distributing its remaining assets. On the other side rebirth, as a revived group with fresh purpose and a renewed sense of mission.

During my tenure as President of the Board of Directors I was unable to overcome numerous impediments, both personal and professional, which stood in the way of restoring the Group to a reasonable level of activity. Under the circumstances a critical evaluation of our progress and current state is both understandable and merited. The difficulties we experience are not unique to us, as people and organizations of all backgrounds are undergoing similar economic and structural hardships at this point in time. Regardless, what efforts I made to bring CFSG back to life after our recent setbacks were insufficient.

It is my personal belief that the core mission of the Group is still sound and necessary, and any failings are not related to the concept of Community Service through Free Software. And it is my hope that, rather than disappear, the Group is preparing to be reborn under new leadership. Should that be the case, I will continue to participate in and support CFSG to the best of my ability.

— David J. Williams

2009–2010 CFSG Board of Directors:

David J. Williams, President
Darline Lalanne, Vice President
Joseph A. Maffia, Treasurer
Forest Mars, Secretary