The past year saw a major reorganization within the Community Free Software Group, driven by the need to address longstanding structural issues. This presented several challenges, including restoring the organization's resources and developing new initiatives to further the Group's mission.

As we begin CFSG's sixth year of operation the Board must continue dedicating itself toward building a sustainable organization. The process should include creating reproducible educational programs, providing Free Software-based training and services, representing the Group at conferences and public gatherings, and attracting energetic and motivated individuals interested in furthering these goals.

It is my personal hope that we not only establish a strong presence in the not-for-profit and public service communities throughout the next year, but that we increase our impact on people of all walks of life, representing the importance of technology and information freedom as these issues continue to rise in prominence. I have every confidence that together we can accomplish these goals and grow the Community Free Software Group into an effective and useful resource, within the City of New York and beyond.

— David J. Williams

2008–2009 CFSG Board of Directors:

David J. Williams, Acting President/Secretary
Joseph A. Maffia, Treasurer
Darline Lalanne, Director
Forest Mars, Director