This year was a time of great momentum for the Community Free Software Group. We began with the fourth installation of the PC Garage at the Action For Progress community center while simultaneously focusing on Board recruitment and expanding our partnerships with regional organizations. Soon after CFSG became an official vendor to the New York City Department of Education.

Relocating to new facilities was a minor impediment, but was quickly followed by a partnership with the Lower Manhattan Arts Academy. With assistance from Bob Pierre we established two new Free Software courses: Audio Editing with Audacity and Graphics Design using the GIMP and Inkscape. Two new children's programs were developed using the Gcompris suite of educational tools, and our graphics workshops resulted in a wonderful Blender 3D Animation Showcase at the inaugural New York “UbuCon” Ubuntu Convention.

I am confident CFSG is progressing in a positive direction, and in the coming year urge formal adoption of policies that will both focus our energies and forge new connections. Oversight is our collective responsibility, and I recommend increased levels of participation toward fulfilling the organization's potential.

It is my personal hope that CFSG retain its current momentum and progress even faster in the years to come. I look forward to helping this happen throughout my upcoming term in office.

— Selso K. DaSilva

2006–2007 CFSG Board of Directors:

Selso K. DaSilva, President
Kevin I. Mark, Vice President
David J. Williams, Secretary
Joseph A. Maffia, Treasurer
Stephen J. Lynch, Director
Marco P.J. Scoffier, Director