In the last year we have had some successes to celebrate, and some shortcomings requiring further effort.

Our successes include getting 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS. This is a tremendously important milestone that makes us eligible for grants, allows donors take us seriously, and gives us a leg to stand on. For this we can thank Dave Williams for his efforts.

We conducted Blender and PC Garage courses at Asian Americans for Equality. The former is important because it was a new program offering. The latter was the largest PC Garage yet, and our first paid program.

Our partnership with AAFE allows us use of their basement facilities. While not the same as a space of our own, it is still immensely useful as a place to gather, evaluate, and store equipment.

In the upcoming year I recommend my successor and the rest of the organization focus on a few key areas: Board recruitment, to expand the range of contacts we can make and guidance we receive; researching and applying for grants, to give us the resources we need; and expanding our partnerships with other organizations so we can move beyond the “AAFE-GSS” axis, to give us flexibility and room to grow.

I congratulate my successor Selso DaSilva, and hope that in the next year we continue to make good progress in our goal of bringing Software Freedom to those that are not traditionally targeted by this message.

— Stephen Lynch

2005–2006 CFSG Board of Directors:

Stephen J. Lynch, President
Selso K. DaSilva, President Elect
Joseph A. Maffia, Treasurer
David J. Williams, Secretary
Marco P.J. Scoffier, Director
Kevin I. Mark, Vice President Elect