As President of CFSG I am pleased to report on the activities of the organization during the past twelve months. The primary goal of the Board this year was to establish the group as a not-for-profit corporation operating within the State and City of New York. Throughout the year members worked to advance the mission of CFSG, and we have enjoyed considerable success.

Working with other organizations in the city, we began a program of recycling used computer hardware. Through the efforts of Stephen J. Lynch and Selso K. DaSilva, CFSG created the PC Garage, a program hosted by regional community-based organizations. Young people learned about building and troubleshooting personal computers using Free Software operating systems and applications.

The year began with the first edition of the PC Garage, hosted by Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE) at their newly-inaugurated Lower East Side community center. September saw the launch of a second session of the PC Garage as part of the Grand Street Settlement House after-school program. Participants in both workshops left with an understanding of computer hardware, operating systems, applications, and a personal computer they assembled themselves using Free Software.

CFSG was honored by the support of Free Software Foundation President and GNU Project founder Richard M. Stallman, and enhanced with the addition of Debian Project associate Kevin Mark and community arts advocate Joseph A. Maffia to the Board of Directors. Through the initiative of David J. Williams we incorporated as a charitable organization in the State of New York and submitted our application for non-profit status with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as CFSG President this year. CFSG members expended significant effort contributing time and talent on the organization's behalf, even as they worked at demanding jobs at home. I thank the Board of Directors for its sense of mission, dedication and expertise. The Community Free Software Group will continue to grow and thrive under the leadership of incoming President Stephen J. Lynch and together we will achieve remarkable results in promoting Free Software education and service in the community.

— Marco Scoffier

2004–2005 CFSG Board of Directors:

Marco P.J. Scoffier, President
Selso K. DaSilva, Vice President
Joseph A. Maffia, Treasurer
David J. Williams, Secretary
Stephen J. Lynch, President Elect
Kevin Mark, Director