CFSG Mission

Technology plays an important role in people's lives, and programs that deliver technology education are invaluable tools for addressing the digital divide. But education alone isn't enough: People need the freedom to study, access, and use information technology without artificial impediments or constraints.

CFSG brings Free Software to people and the organizations that serve them. Free Software is the tool of choice for serving those who want to learn, providing real technology education, ownership and freedom. We create programs that illustrate these benefits.

Official records and organizational resources of the Community Free Software Group are available in our Documents directory.

We want to be able to provide the world with free high class, high quality, highly innovative software products that really empower the users and offer the best and only real chance to narrow the digital divide.

Linus Torvalds & Alan Cox, 
from an open letter to the European Parliament, Sept. 21, 2003